International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach
International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach


When two of the most Versatile Duet Performers and Teachers of these fast changing era of new dimentions, re-inventions and creativity comes together, Magic happens !




Theatre, TV shows, Musicals & Opera.

International Judge & Guest Performer.


Award Winning Choreographer, Professional Dancer, Solo Performer  & Show Director.

Contemporary, Folk, Oriental, Hophop, Bollywood, Urban, Lyrical Contemporary, Jazz, Dance Theatre, Social Dances, etc.


TV Shows, Festivals, Competitions & Shows.
Cuban salsa, Rueda de casino, Rumba  Guaguanco, Cuban afro (orishas), Son, Reggeaton, Kizomba and Bachata.
Past - Folk & Ballroom.


Kate is born as a Dancer. Her dance story begins in her childhood – she was starting with folk and ballroom dances that influenced her elegant and feminine dance style. Kate has been in the social dance world for over eight years. She has developed her skills from the best Cuban salsa teachers in the world by attending festivals. Kate has performed with various Cuban dance performances in  events and festivals related to Latino culture. She has also given  workshops in Cuban Salsa Festivals in Latvia and other countries. Her talent is appreciated in dance competitions - she has won international competitions.
Currently, Kate is a dance teacher at the EL Paso dance studio. She is dancing and teaching Cuban salsa, Rueda de casino, Rumba  guaguanco, Cuban afro (orishas), son, Reggeaton, Kizomba and bachata.
Kate also passes her knowledge to the younger generation – she  is a teacher at Agra Daņileviča Dance School “Dzirnas”, which is a professional education institution, where dancers get knowledge and skills of  improvisation and choreography of different dance styles.
Kate's passion for dance and energy has inspired countless dancers. Kate likes to accept challenges and constantly develops in different dance styles as well as she is also collaborating with other teachers. 
Kate’s dance is characterized by energy, vitality, but at the same time sparkling tenderness and femininity.


From Live Shows and Theaters to International TV shows, From a Solo performer and Trainer to a International Award winning Choreographer, from a Director and Producer to a International Judge, Avikk has a already has a list of Multiple Countries, he has Traveled and got invited to. Apart from touring for Performances to giving different Workshops, Avikk has Judged Dancing, Singing and even Modeling Shows.
Being a Versatile Performer and Professional Dancer, when Avikk entered the Social Dancing field, he noticed a very common thing and that ultimately inspired him to go beyond to conceive and deliver this Unique but universal Duet Dancing and Partnering workshops.
So what he observed is a big gap between the Professional Performers and Social Dancers. 
The Social Dancers in the Social Dancing events were just amazing while Dancing and were so open to walk upto anyone to ask for a Dance. However this almost changes upside down when they are in the performing or specially in other casual parties.
Similarly and Vice-versa with the Professional Dancers.

So observing and realizing these limitations of Styles and even music, Avikk started integrating the Physical, Spiritual and Theoretical aspects of Duet and Partnering with the Social Dancing Techniques. This ofcourse gave it a much more Universal approach and results. The aim was to be able to feel, execute and perform from a event to a Competitive level while at the same time, learning to improvise in all or any partnering and duet as a Social dancing, irrespective of the prison of any style or music.


From making Social Dancing more Universal and boundless, Avikk's classes have been so much preferred by the professionals, competition participants and even the Teachers. He has traveled multiple countries for giving workshops and Judging International Shows/Competitions. His long professional background, experiences  and achievements in variant International Stages acquired him not only a huge Technical knowledge but his own Tools also, which opened the door for more deeper understanding, awareness and possibilities of Partnering in any to all form of Duet Dancing.

Previous WORKSHOP Topics

Positions & Techniques

* Close Embrace

* Closed Positions

* Open Positions

* Promenade Position

* Counter Promenade Position

* Turns

* Foot Works

* Entry & Exits

* Framing

* Posture

* Direction

Sence & Self Awareness

* Connection building

* Relationship Building

* Touch

* Control

* Adapting Techniques

* Communication

* Trust Building

* Contact Improvisation

* Self & Partner Awareness

Theories & Techniques

* Leading & Following

* Lifts

* Choreology (Movement analysis and description)

* Movement Interactions

* Balancing & Counter Balancing

* Syncopation Techniques

* Hijacking & Adaptation

* Relaxing Techniques

* Holding & Supporting Techniques

* Weight Manipulation Techniques


Advance & Pro

* Musicality

* Lyricality

* Variations

* Improvisation Techniques

* Understanding of Gravity, Inertia, Momentum & Friction

* Movement Meditation

* Choreography Tools

* Performance Skills Tools

* Theatrical tools

* Stage Presence


Kate and Avikk represent two different cultures, dance worlds and experiences, but their passion and language is dance. It's communication, it's real listening to another person and his body, it’s about trust and nuanceded interaction between partners.  Everything is in details. Language of dance is universal, unambiguous and united, you just need to allow yourself to feel it.
Avikk and Kate share the passion of dance, the desire to strive for the best, to constantly grow, learn and apply the knowledge in practice.
Avikk and Kate are unique combination of duet where you can gain the most valuable of these multiple dance cultures and experiences that they have accumulated over many years. 
Kate is from Latvia and she has been teaching various social dances for 8 years.  She is very talented and inexhaustible dancer.  She inspires by her technical and very feminine dance movements. She has developed her skills from the best Cuban salsa teachers in the world by attending festivals. Kate has performed with various Cuban dance performances in  events and festivals related to Latino culture. She has also given  workshops in Cuban Salsa Festivals in Latvia and other countries. Her talent is appreciated in dance competitions - she has won international competitions.
Avikk is born in India. He is very inspiring and talanted personality. He is a Director and Choreographer of numerous choreographies and shows.  Avikk is dancing different dance styles from Bollywood, Contemporary, Social dance, Jazz, Hip-hop, Modern Dance to various forms of Duet and Social Dances.  He is performing on the  stage of Latvian National Opera and Ballet, TV shows, has given workshops and judged dance competitions in many Countries to list.

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Private Lessons
If you or you with your partner would like to learn a form of dance in private, high-intensity Fitness sessions,  Avikk is available for private classes on demand. Special high level "Goal Oriented" training are also available on request.

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Private groups, companies and other organizations can arrange closed-session dance courses tailored to the needs of the group. Avikk and our other instructors can teach these classes in-studio or at a location of your choosing. 

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