International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach
International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach

Social Dancing & Beyond


Avikk & Sanda - one of the most Exotic, Sensual and Versatile Dance Duet of our new era, bringing together the magic of different cultures, place and taste, is now sharing their Knowledge, Skills, Passion and Love for Dance and Life, together with the World.
Avikk with a background as a Professional Choreographer, Director and International Judge have been teaching and Performing among many Countries already

 and Sanda with a strong background of Dancing and Teaching Bachata has added much more to offer and give as a Duet. Sanda has not only been teaching Beginners & Intermediate groups, but right now she is also completing her education in Sports as a Recruiter specialist & Fitness trainer.

So by this Time you must already have got a small idea of the versatility and the achievements that both of them possess, preaches and teaches together.
This is just the short description or summary about both, as the list  really falls long mentioning about the all the achievements, performances and workshops that both of them have, individually and together.

Apart from Dancing & Performing, Avikk is a Fitness Trainers and Sanda along with her Fitness Education, has also been a crucial part in many of his Fitness Marathons.

When we are talking about Dancing & Partnering, the first and the most important thing is Connection and Communication. That’s where exactly Avikk & Sanda are the live examples of everything they teach, than teachers with basic informations. Their hold in the knowledge of the theory and technicality along with the Chemistry and connection, is the base of their success.

Not all Dancers are performers and that’s one of the most important and unique techniques/tools that are so much appreciated in their workshops and Master classes.
Both of them are not only great Dancers but also Amazing Performers, who everytime from the Dance floor of their Workshops to stealing the spotlight on the Stage, effortlessly creates Magic Together !
Most Dancers from childhood learn techniques, steps, choreography, but they are not putting big attention in working on Relationships, Communication, Connection, Chemistry, Trust and mutual collaborations. So they end up missing on one of the most important part in Parnering Dances, which is Partnering itself.

"Our strength/style should not become our own prison." - Avikk 


That defines one of the big reasons of why so many of the Dancer's lack the Creative Improvisation Skills along with proper Techniques but without even thinking about it.


Because, "Thinking is the biggest mistake a Dancer can do while performing." - Michael Jackson.

In their classes Avikk & Sanda works not only towards improving your Dance Techniques, Improvisation, Lifts and Choreography, but they put very big attention and emphasis on partnering, the nuances of partnership interaction, communication, trust, feelings and also how to carry it on in your daily life, even outside the Dance floor. You will be able to learn how to improve yourself not only in Dancing and Partnering, but also in every days social life.

Along with more depth of knowledge, you will be able to have more Awareness about yourself, your Body, Emotions, Techniques and most importantly, your Partner !

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Corporate Seminars 

Weather it's the big corporate achievements of High sales record in MNC's, or becoming a Corporate Trainer, or being a young BDM, or then being a successful entrepreneur, or then becoming a successful Internationally acclaimed Choreographer or as a Motivational Speaker, with a long list of experiences, Avikk is among the very few Speakers who are the example and achievers of every field they entered !

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Gift Cards & Passes
Do you have a friend or a couple who would like to learn some dance moves or wanna experience something new ? We got it for you ! Whether it's a single lesson or an entire season of classes or Tickets of our next Production/Show, what can be more Productive as well as Entertaining Gift than this ? Contact us to get your Discounted Gifts now.


Private Lessons
If you or you with your partner would like to learn a form of dance in private, high-intensity Fitness sessions,  Avikk is available for private classes on demand. Special high level "Goal Oriented" training are also available on request.

Please contact us for pricing and other details.


Closed Sessions
Private groups, companies and other organizations can arrange closed-session dance courses tailored to the needs of the group. Avikk and our other instructors can teach these classes in-studio or at a location of your choosing. 

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