International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach
International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach

Dance-Fit Marathon

5 hours Fitness & Dance Intensive, 
which is equivalent to 3 workshops together
but with the contents and elements stitched in a format
for far most efficiency, Productivity and ofcourse -Fun !!
One day camp / 5 hours (with small Breaks) of fitness, dance, choreographies, theories, techniques, stretching and ending with a conversation with the Choreographer, Teacher and Performer from many International TV shows like TNT ТАНЦЫ, Dance REVOLUCIJA and big Artistic projects like "Carmen" in Latvian National OPERA ! An opportunity to have a super active Sunday, to sweat off through a full productive program while improving your Fitness & Dancing skills to the next level.
An opportunity, never worth missing !!! 

Dance-Fit Marathon was designed by Avikk with the most efficient Fitness, physical exercises combined from different forms, that will enhance your stamina, strength, technique and discipline, with the most universal techniques that we will be able to use in all styles and even irrespective of it !

Dance Marathon is not only about one particular Dance or Style. It comprises a full day complete program, which includes Different Dance styles, contrast Choreographies, Theories, Cross Fitness, Core Training, Stretching, Balancing and Movement Meditation.

Avikk came up with “Dance-Fit Marathon” during his Tours in 2015-2016, when he used get hired or booked for Judging along with giving different workshops. As Avikk’s Professional background is from a Versatile Field, he used to give 3 different workshops in a Studio or an event in a day.
While doing this – he realized that instead of 4.5 hours of 3 different workshops is he can use that Time to able to deliver much more stronger and vaster in a way that students/participants are able to carry back the most in their body and mind, which is usually less in comparisons to individual workshops.

So as he understood that not only he can deliver around 5 times of more effective content and productivity in the right format but he focused from the prospective of the mind of a student to be able to absorb more or most in that time period. As the win of a trainer/teacher is not in how much knowledge he has given but how much has been taken or absorbed.

So this gave birth to his concept of “Dance-Fit Marathon” which starts with the Fitness sessions focussing on Endurance, Core, Strength and Flexibility to enhance not only Dancing but fitness in itself. Then it moves to the second phase, where there are choreography and Dancing techniques slides in slowly with two different/contrast choreographies as a explanation points. So the first phase was more physical however the second is a blend of physical and psychological, where your understanding gets a deeper view and awareness. So mentioning awareness, that’s what the third phase is about. While the workshops smoothly slides in to the third phase, it’s more about body awareness and control. After the whole contrast journey through the workshop, it finishes with the breathing and stretching techniques.

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Corporate Seminars 

Weather it's the big corporate achievements of High sales record in MNC's, or becoming a Corporate Trainer, or being a young BDM, or then being a successful entrepreneur, or then becoming a successful Internationally acclaimed Choreographer or as a Motivational Speaker, with a long list of experiences, Avikk is among the very few Speakers who are the example and achievers of every field they entered !

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Gift Cards & Passes
Do you have a friend or a couple who would like to learn some dance moves or wanna experience something new ? We got it for you ! Whether it's a single lesson or an entire season of classes or Tickets of our next Production/Show, what can be more Productive as well as Entertaining Gift than this ? Contact us to get your Discounted Gifts now.


Private Lessons
If you or you with your partner would like to learn a form of dance in private, high-intensity Fitness sessions,  Avikk is available for private classes on demand. Special high level "Goal Oriented" training are also available on request.

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Closed Sessions
Private groups, companies and other organizations can arrange closed-session dance courses tailored to the needs of the group. Avikk and our other instructors can teach these classes in-studio or at a location of your choosing. 

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