International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach
International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach

  " U N I Q U E N E S S "   in  " V E R S A T I L I T Y "

"In the school of life, while others just pass and only a few becomes good in a subject, the topper is the one who is good not only in one, but in all subjects. We know it already but fail to realize and apply it to all the subjects of  our Life."- Avikk

Director / Choreographer

Avikk has been in the professional Dance Field from last more than 10 years and have Directed, Choreographed and Performed in multiple number of Live Shows, TV shows, Concerts and Shoots from Indian to International theaters and projects.

Director & Producer of "Sight through Insight."

Motivational Speaker / Writer

If you are seeing a resume where u notice "achievements in all sectors of life" starting from higher Education, to Health, to a Trainer in Air Force, to a Corporate manager, to an Entrepreneur, to a professional and successful International Artist,  then undoubtedly it's Avikk's resume. 


Fitness Trainer / Coach

Starting from the streets as a Parkour Artist, to a professional Training Instructor in Air Force, to a professional choreographer, Avikk have not one but few of the most  high level contrast trainings and experiences.

Apart from Personal trainings, he also Teaches in various Gyms.

Actor / Performer

There are many Actors, Singers and Dancers but very few performers. Avikk's own vision to grow as a complete performer is what made him irreplaceable. Weather it's Acting, Dancing, Hosting or Singing just for Entertainment, you'll find Avikk's showmanship is stealing the show always.


LYBS ( Let Your Body Speak ) was founded by Avikk, which has been executing and performing in a multiple number of Shoots, Shows and Concerts Nationally and Internationally.

LYBS has already earned itself some very respected and unique credentials towards it's accounts of achievements. 

Workshops / Master Classes

Choreography / Performances

Judge / Special Guest

Actor / Public Speaker 

Workshops / Master Classes

Avikk has been professionally teaching and choreographing in not only different but contrast Dance forms starting from Bollywood, Classical, Folk, Oriental dances to Contemporary, Modern, Urban and different advanced styles of Hiphop.


From the stages of India to International "TV shows" and big stages of "Opera" his skills of being so unique as well as versatile has earned himself the achievements of being a complete Dancer.

From a Aciever to a Performer, Avikk is himself is one of the most realistic example of many possibilites.

 Solo Performer / Actor

Usually there are either Professional versatile Dancers or Solo unique Dancers, either a great Choreographer or a great Dancers, very rare is the combination of both. That's exactly what became Avikk's strength and forte.


Apart from being an Award Winning Choreographer, Actor and Speaker, Avikk is widely known for his own Solo unique Style performances.

From his own style of Musicality and Lyricality, Avikk can really be very unpredactable and full of surprises, everytime.

Judge / Special Guests

Avikk has Judged a multiple number of  International competitions and Shows. He has also Judged International choreographers competition in Europe from consecutive last 3 years with a past record of Judging for IDO (International Dance Organisation) in Russia and other countries.


From International TV shows to Music and Dance Festivals, Avikk gets invited to share his colourful energy and experience as the Special Guest or Guest Performer.

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