International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach
International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach


From a PARKOUR Artist to getting enrolled in one of the toughest training of AIR FORCE, Avikk's physical Journey was not separate from his Spiritual and Intelectual Journey. As he says that most of the people knows about Body, Mind and Soul but a very few of them achieve excellency in only one of them and fewer in all of them. As a human being we can not experience our full potential of our complete being if they are not cultivated and grown equally. The key is in the balance of the ratio.

Knowing Parkour and it's training helped Avikk to get selected for higher training in Air Force where he learned much more about human body and it's capability but completely in a different way. Apart from usual Army training it also consisted of various types of Functional Training, Climbing, Power workouts, Martial Arts, Forest Training and many more to mention. Not only Avikk stood out but this also exposed him to a much vaster knowledge of Body and it's all round training. Avikk not only completes his Training but also passes out as a ground "Training Instructor"  for Air Force.

One of the respected post in one of the respected job, it was Avikk's first dream come true.


Through such enduring and multidimensional high level training, Avikk learned that Fitness is incomplete without the proper ratio of Strength, Shape, Stamina and Flexibility. His own reasearch and studies along with professional military training helped him to come up with his own routines and exercises designed to achieve most effectiveness in least Time.  

It's is designed for not just one aspect, but for the all round development.


& That wasn't all !

Avikk in short describes and named his Training base as "3SF" which represent the balanced ratio of Shape, Strength, Stamina and Flexibility.

"If a person can lift heavy weight easily but not in shape, he/she is not completely fit.

If a person is in amazing shape but can't run for 10 km, he/she is not completely fit.

If a person can easily run 10 km but isn't flexible enough, he/she is not completely fit.

If a person is very flexible but can't lift usual heavy weights, he/she is not completely fit."

The idea of "Complete Fitness" and its Worldwide selection procedure lies on the base of all these 4 factors together. This is exactly on what Avikk's workouts and training program is structured on. It structured for all round developments to achieve complete fitness and what can be better when Dance and Music becomes your better partner than any energy drink.

One day camp / 5 hours (with small Breaks) of fitness, dance, choreographies, theories, techniques, stretching and ending with a conversation with the Choreographer, Teacher and Performer from many International TV shows like TNT ТАНЦЫ, Dance REVOLUCIJA and big Artistic projects like "Carmen" in Latvian National OPERA ! An opportunity to have a super active Sunday, to sweat off through a full productive program while improving your Fitness & Dancing skills to the next level.
An opportunity, never worth missing !!! 

When he started getting Professional Dance trainings, that became another new world of understanding for his Body and Mind. The theory, workout and dimensions of the use of body changed and vastened in another different space for him than even before. Avikk's previous trainings and understanding of Body not only helped him to be an outstanding Dancer but it helped Avikk to understand Health, Body and Fitness in its complete form.

Dance Marathon is not only about one particular Dance or Style. It comprises a full day complete program, which includes Different Dance styles, contrast Choreographies, Theories, Cross Fitness, Core Training, Stretching, Balancing and Movement Meditation.

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