International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach
International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach


"As it's not about just a particular Style, but about being Versatile." - Avikk
Apart from Social Dancing, Avikk’s professional background in Choreographing different dance styles have helped him develop and solidify his amazing and unique style, attitude, freedom of expressions and connection skills with any partner irrespective of the prison of styles.

Founder of - The Universal Social Dancing Style "URBAN SENSUAL"

From making Social Dancing more Universal and boundless, Avikk's classes have been so much preferred by the professionals, competition participants and even the Teachers. He has traveled multiple countries for giving workshops and Judging International Shows/Competitions.


His long professional background, experiences  and achievements in variant International Stages acquired him not only a huge Technical knowledge but his own Tools also, which opened the door for more deeper understanding, awareness and possibilities of Partnering in any to all form of Duet Dancing.

Avikk's Regular Classes, International Workshops, Master Classes & Bootcamps are mostly known or demanded, because of his experience in Versatility, knowledge and achievements from the Social to the Proffesional field.
So if you too have been waiting : 
* To be able to Dance with your own Partner or anyone else, on any party or occasions without any border of Styles or even Music.
* To learn something New and Productive like Couple or Duet dancing and Partnering or even to make your Couple/Social Dancing more Versatile, Sensual, Fun or Gracious.
* To be able to feel Confident, Stylish and Gracious while having Fun with your Partners on the floor, without even getting limited to specific kind of Events or Genres.
* To have more freedom of Expressions in Movements and Authentic Connections. 
* To get more Universal in having Fun and Enjoyment, with People doing what we love the most in common, Dancing.
Then your wait is over !!!
Avikk's founded Universal Style of URBAN SENSUAL, comprises some of the most important and universal aspects of Duets and Partnering from more than12 fields, but fteached & preached in one of the most the easiest & most applicable ways to understand and apply this knowledge, Universally.
Avikk derived, mastered and founded his different styles from his vast and versatile experiences from different fields of Performing Arts.  
He will be sharing with you even his Tools, Tips and Tricks on from how to make authentic connection first, pure leading and following, to be quickly able dance with your partner with the bliss of complete pleasure as well as Shine in Solo's, not only in the casual Social Parties but in any kind of events, in any kind of Music.
His classes are praised specially because of the way he teaches in details and depth about how to communicate, truely improvise and lead not only both strong and soft but with confidence and grace, so your partner trust you and wants to follow you even to the difficult lifts with closed eyes.

"Authenticity in Connection leads to Pure Leading & Following, as pure connection leads to pure communication that's the soul i found and i love teaching through my Duets, social Dancing and Improvisation classes specially, apart for my other styled classes. As all Styles are to execute and serve the same purpose ultimately and not the other way around..and then, then you Feel that Bliss  ? 

without any limitations of styles, genres or music and all there is, is nothing...nothing else than you and your Partner. Being purely and completely in the moment, even music becomes secondary..where you don't think, do or dance anymore, but it starts happening for you, for itself.

That's why we feel happy, unleashed or connected spiritually, when we dance, when we dance boundlessly, when we dance authentically !

Steps are like alphabets, Combinations are like sentences and Techniques are like grammar, which are important to learn, but to not get stuck in them, instead to be able to finally talk and communicate ourselves freely. To not get trapped in fixed patterns, but to be able to ultimately Explore and Express our true selves 

The Bliss lies in there, in every moment, every time !!!

The Best that we can learn and bring to our Lives and specially to our Relationships."

- Avikk

Avikk, one of the most Exotic, Sensual Unique and Versatile Performer of our new era, bringing together the magic of different cultures, place and taste, is now sharing his Knowledge, Skills, Passion and Love for Dance and Life with the World.

"Do you want to know how to become a better dance partner, learn new choreographies with interesting elements, and want to understand from the most easy to the most complex sides of the duo and make it self-evident as well as soulful and fun ?  In not only Latin, but any or all styles or genres of Music ?


Then URBAN SENSUAL is one of the best answer for you.

It a style that Avikk derived, mastered and founded from his vast and versatile experiences from different fields of Performing Arts. 

A Universal style in itself, evolved to support and strengthen all other styles. It's a style that creates, strengthens and even stylizes the base of all other Duet and Partnering Dances."

When we are talking about Dancing & Partnering, the first and the most important thing is Connection and Communication. That’s where exactly Avikk is the live example of everything he teaches, than teachers with basic informations. His hold in the knowledge of the theory and technicality along with the Chemistry and connection, is the base of his successful teachings and soulful creativities.
"Our strength/style should never become our own prison." - Avikk

In his classes Avikk works not only towards improving Dance Techniques, Improvisation, Lifts and Choreography, but he puts very big attention and emphasis on partnering, the nuances of partnership interaction, communication, trust, feelings and also how to carry it on in our daily life, even outside the Dance floor. You will be able to learn how to improve yourself not only in Dancing and Partnering, but also in every days social life, literally.


Along with more depth of knowledge, you will be able to have more Awareness about yourself, your Body, Emotions, Techniques and most importantly, your Partner !

Technical Theories to Tools, Tips & Tricks to -

* Feel more confident and sexy as a dancer on the floor.
* Move body with more conviction and clarity.
* Perform stunning and fun shines while dancing.
* Aquire Profound techniques and postures from different styles, so that you * Learn or adapt to any style efficiently.
* Perform musicality & shines with grace.
* Become more appealing, attractive and interesting, both as a Partner and as a Dancer.
The term “styling” is used to describe movement that is used to add more flavor and attitude to a basic movement or simply to reflect of one’s personality." 
Now, it can be both Feminine or Masculine, however mostly from years Lady Styling has been much more popular leaving Men styling as very rare in compared to it.
So here comes one of those rare opportunities you might have been waiting for !
Avikk, coming from TV show and theater background has traveled to multiple countries teaching his workshops, performing and directing his own shows. 
 Apart from touring for Performances to giving different Workshops, Avikk has Internationally Judged Dancing, Singing, Performing Arts and even Modeling Shows.
Starting with Acting in theatres and Hosting in projects, Avikk went beyond as a "complete Performer." His hunger to deeply undersrand and master the craft of "Showmanship" took him to a very diverse, unique but fruitful journey.
Realizing this fact that how much Men Styling is important and how much it can influence the Dancing or Performance both in case of Solo and duets, Avikk started these classes with special structures and methods, to be able to provide the best Tools, Tips and tricks in the simpliest way possible. That's how inspite of his classes of always being of a good level,  versatile and unique, they are still easy to understand and more importantly, in a short time to learn and implement

There are different types of influences that can be used in “Styling” like from Jazz, Cuban, Mambo, Flamenco, Bachata, etc to even incorporating steps from variant styles to build a strong basic for all kinds of footworks and body movements.


Shines, are well-worth learning however, for a number of reasons. They show you are confident enough to dance without the rules of partner work, allow your partner to express themselves in new ways and also it gives opportunity to both you and your partner to perform more variety of Movements and Improvisations. 

Avikk's big forte is in his teaching of how to connect to your partner, how to touch, communicate, how to open your body to the woman and prepare to lead her into different movements with all Trust, Grace, Connection and Style !

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