International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach
International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach

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Some of the most commonly requested Subjects and Topics are listed below.

  •  Sales Psychology
  •  Management  Skills
  •  Supervisory Skills
  •  Presentation Skills
  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Sales Management
  •  Project Management
  •  Creative Thinking & Innovation
  • Utilization of Time Perception
  •  Growth Mindset
  •  Analytical Skills
  •  Leadership Skills
  •  Problem Solving
  •  Customer Service
  •  Interpersonal Skills
  •  Effective Communication
  •  Human Resource anagement
  •  Intellegence and Emotional   Intellegence

Writer / Motivational Speaker / Speeches

Some of Avikk's most recent Speeches.

  • SIGHT through INSIGHT 
  • The Fashion of Spirituality 
  • The Open Formula 
  • The Right Question
  • Holy Cow
  • The Super Hero
  • You can't see your eyes 
  • Beyond Profession and Possession 
  • From being Positive to Positive Being 

One of the most unique journey started from a small town from a small corner of Incredible India, Avikk's life history, experience and achievements has been no less than a Bollywood movie. It is similarly filled with a lot of Dances and songs, lot of colors and shades, lot of struggles and achievements, lot of love and breakups, but most importantly a lot of unbelievable and inspiring stories of Possibilities. 

From the conservative society and mentality where Dance and Performing Arts has not been considered as even a Dream, Avikk with all these limitations not only made it as a successful professional career but have been an achiever all the way along in every field that he has stepped in.


Apart from  his journey as an Artist, this is exactly what makes him so special.

With a very over strict parents and no siblings, Avikk was often alone and left locked in the house to focus on studies. It wasn't for a year or two but for his whole childhood. Avikk instead of complaining actually praises about having a great mischievous childhood as he explains how he used those time to develop his skills and to enjoy. As his parents worked really hard to provide him good education, he decided to first live and complete the dreams of his parents, working on his dreams secretly.

Growing up with the stories of India's Freedom and World Wars, Avikk had the seed of patriotism, planted by the good philosophies of his mother from his childhood. So it was very obvious dream for him to make to the Air Force, which is one of the most respected job in India. He not only cleared all the exams but also he choosed stood out and passes out the training directly as a " Ground Training Instructor" for Air Force.

He achieved his first dream at a very early age only to find out that he is not only patriot about his own country but for the world. He understood that for him that wasn't the best way to serve the whole society impartially. That's when he decided to become a Motivational Speaker.

After Graduating, Avikk left Air Force and joined the Corporate world. This was a completely new and contrast venture for with the kind background he had by that Time. It didn't took him much time to start shining in the corporate world. He even has a few certificates on his name from the MNC's for breaking sales records. By this time he started his higher studies in IT from Microsoft to pass out as a MCSE. Gradually in almost no time, from the domain of B2C he moved to B2B to soon get promoted as a Team Leader,Trainer and then as the Business Development Manager. 


With a graduating degree, with higher IT studies as a MCSE and as a successful BDM, Avikk left the corporate world but never as a Trainer.  Avikk is International Corporate Trainer now with Multiple Countries and Companies, in his List.

Did we forgot to mention you that while doing these Full time jobs and Studies, he was still secretly but consistently practicing and stepping forward to his big dream ?

Yes, by this time he has also been taking different professional trainings, theatres and performances hiding from his family and parents. He made it into the Bollywood but just to realize that his dream his much more Universal and Limitless.

So this relates to the story of Avikk saying Goodbye to the second best job of the country for a journey which is going to even more unique and diverse than this.

Might seem unbelievable already, but it's just the beginning of his next success stories.

As there are mostly either professional dancers or unique style dancers, Avikk trained himself in many other major styles, which got him in the professional field adding more versatility to his skills and then he created his own unique styles which ultimately earned him even more popularity. An Artist, as one of the unique and diverse package of high quality.


He is now Internationally settled and working from last 9 years with some incredible achievements in the Entertainment field not only as a Dancer but as a complete Performer.

With a life story which is so exciting, challenging and diverse, Avikk himself is a very Inspiring personality. He is among one of those few Motivational Speakers who are the examples of everything they teach or preach.

From the streets of India to Air Force Trainer to Corporate Trainer and Manager to International TV shows and Big Stages of Opera, Avikk has stolen the lime light everywhere.


Weather we are talking Body, Mind or Soul, we are talking here about the example of all in one. 

As Avikk credits his own philosophies along with the psychologies he studied as the main reason of his innovations and achievements. Still he is succeeding in other fields based on the philosophies, psychologies and most importantly practices that he is now Educating and Training to others through his Motivational Speeches and Seminars.


If you are already optimist and Avikk's incredible story through various achievements have been Inspiring for you, then attending his seminars is definitely going to take your Optimism and Decision making to a much higher level.


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