International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach
International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach


Our Team, Our Family

LYBS was founded by Choreographer Avikk Parkour with the vision of creating a place for Dancers without limitations, collaborating with the variant International artists and educating the community through a creative and artistic process to prove its own tag line of "Let Your Body Speak."

LYBS has already earned itself some very successful and unique credentials towards it's own account.


* LYBS won the "Grand Prix Award" as well as the "Outstanding Performance Award" in International Magic Dance Cup, Europe.

(Best Choreographer Award - Avikk Parkour).

* LYBS has Represented Indian Republic Day  in Stockholm , The Embassy of India, Sweden.

* LYBS has Represented Indian Independence Day  in Riga , The Embassy of India, Latvia.

* LYBS has performed as the guest performer in the Bollywood Show 2013, with Artists and Performers from Bollywood,India (Choreographer - Avikk Parkour) in Europe.

* LYBS has Represented Namaste Stockholm - 2015 & 2016

* LYBS has performed in the EuropeanTV Shows as Special Guest Performers - 2015.

* LYBS performed and toured with the Live  show  "S I G H T through I N S I G H T" while working with some of the most renowned Singers & Musicians of the county.

LYBS through shows, performances and workshops have already collaborated with some big names, Nationally and Internationally from Institutes to Corporates (MNCs) like TCS, EDS, V Customer, Quadra, Symbiosis International University, ILS Law College, ABS, Endurance, Oceans Connect, 3G, StatOil, Nordea, Circle K and a long list to mention.

Avikk along with LYBS has Choreographed and Performed in not only different but contrast Dance forms starting from Bollywood, Classical, Folk, Oriental dances to Contemporary, Modern, Urban and different advanced styles of Hiphop. Apart from this he have also been working in different International projects in variant dance styles and techniques to push his own limits of Versatility.

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