International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach
International Judge, Director, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Coach

Social Dancing & Beyond


Avikk & Xenia - one of the most Exotic, Sensual and Versatile Dance Duet of our new era, bringing together the magic of different cultures, place and taste, is now sharing their Knowledge, Skills, Passion and Love for Dance and Life, together with the World.
Avikk with a background as a Professional Choreographer, Director and International Judge have been teaching and Performing among many Countries already and

Xenia with a Professional education in Contemporary Dance along with experiences from different workshops and courses, has performed in Festivals, Concerts, Competitions & Shows abroad.
While working with Choreographers from different countries, creating her own work, teaching classes, Xenia is now bringing all her knowledge and experience to the work with International Director, Choreographer & Performer Avikk, in their Colorful, Creative and Bright duet "Avikk & Xenia"

So by this Time you must already have got a small idea of the versatility and the achievements that both of them possess, preaches and teaches together.
This is just the short description or summary about both, as the list  really falls long mentioning about the all the achievements, performances and workshops that both of them have, individually and together.

Apart from Dancing & Performing, Avikk is a Fitness Trainers and Xenia along with her Dance Education, has also been a crucial part in many of his Fitness Marathons.

When we are talking about Dancing & Partnering, the first and the most important thing is Connection and Communication. That’s where exactly Avikk & Xenia are the live examples of everything they teach, than just teachers with basic informations and steps.


Their hold in the knowledge of the theories and technicality along with the bliss of chemistry and connection, is the base of their Preachings & Teachings.

Not only for the beginner levels but as well as in the professional levels as all Dancers are performers, that’s one of the most important and unique techniques/tools that are so much appreciated in their higher level workshops and Master classes. 

Both of them are not only great Dancers but also Amazing Performers, who everytime from the Dance floor of their Workshops, to stealing the spotlight on the Stage, effortlessly creates Magic Together !

Art of Authentic Improvisation

Most Dancers from childhood learn techniques, steps, choreography, but mostly miss putting big attention in working on Relationships, Communication, Connection, Chemistry, Trust and mutual Collaborations. So they end up missing on one of the most important part in Parnering Dances, which is the soul Partnering itself, along with authentic improvisation, from Mindfullness to complete Mindlessness.
Avikk founded the "Universally applicable" and versatile Style of URBAN SENSUAL, by comprising some of the most important and universal theories of Duets and Partnering, from more than 12 Professional and Traditional fields, in the most easiest & most applicable ways, to understand and apply this knowledge like formulas, Universally.

"Our strength/style should not become our own prison." - Avikk 


Apart from Social Dancing, Avikk’s Professional achievements and Versatile background in Choreographing different dance styles, projects, TV shows & International platforms, have helped him develop and solidify his amazing and unique styles, attitude, freedom of expressions and connection skills with any partner irrespective of the prison of styles.
"As it's not about just a particular Style, but about being Versatile." - Avikk

In their classes Avikk & Xenia works not only towards improving your Dance Techniques, Improvisation, Lifts and Choreography, but they put very big attention and emphasis on partnering, the nuances of partnership interaction, communication, trust, feelings and also how to carry it on in your daily life, even outside the Dance floor. You will be able to learn how to improve yourself not only in Dancing and Partnering, but also in every days social life.

Along with more depth of knowledge, you will be able to have more Awareness about yourself, your Body, Emotions, Techniques and most importantly, your Partner !

When two Professional and Versatile Duet Performers and Teachers of these fast changing era of new dimentions, re-inventions and creativity comes together, Magic happens !

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